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Missourians of all time periods, races, genders, and occupations have made important contributions to the history of our state. From the first traces of human history to the present day, Missourians have left significant marks on the physical and cultural landscape of Missouri. All of these marks have had a local effect, but many of them have been felt outside the boundaries of Missouri. Many Missourians you will discover and learn about on this Web site are nationally and internationally known for what they accomplished in their lifetimes.

As you read and view the biographies available here, you’ll see rich images, artifacts, and primary sources from The State Historical Society of Missouri. Founded in 1898, the Society has been storing and preserving these state, national, and world treasures for people like you to see and think about within its building on the campus of the University of Missouri. Now, for the first time, the SHS treasures that pertain to Historic Missourians are available to you online.

Missourians have been making an amazing difference in human history since the first people or Native Americans populated this region of mighty rivers, trickling creeks, tall grasses, rough cliffs, rolling hills, and wide open space. Enjoy the lives you’re about to encounter. Think about who these people were as individuals and as members of their communities. What can you learn from each one of them today? How will you make a difference in our world?

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